Welcome to Curly Hair Adventures! My name is Paula Dixon and I am a twenty-something Public Relations professional who loves: eating new food, experiencing different cultures, finding cheap flights, discovering hidden gems, creating itineraries, drinking 🍷, seeing art – and, of course, my big naturally curly hair! I’m a Boston, Massachusetts native but have called: New York, New York, Madrid, Spain and Bristol, Rhode Island home. I hope you enjoy my blog!

Why a Travel & Natural Hair Blog?

Throughout my life, I’ve traveled in the states plenty of times (mainly on the east coast) – but the first time I traveled internationally was in high school for two weeks and changed my life for the better. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to continue to experience the thrill and excitement I got when visiting new places. So in college, I decided to study abroad in Madrid, Spain and once I came back home I knew I was going to continue traveling and that I should start documenting my adventures for me to remember years from now, for my family and friends to see what I’m experiencing in real-time and to help others who want to travel but contemplating taking that leap.

But when I was abroad, I didn’t really take proper care of my hair (which were in senegalese twists at the time) and while I did come home with the urge to explore more of the world – my hair was fairly damaged. Before leaving to study abroad, I was transitioning from relaxed to natural and I had no idea how to manage my hair while living in another country. So I thought putting in twists would do the trick – oh, how I was wrong 😔. My hair eventually grew back healthy and longer, but I was still curious as to why few of the natural hair bloggers, and Youtube Naturalistas, I admired discussed how to maintain natural hair while traveling.

Do black women just not travel? Is it impossible to maintain your natural hair while abroad? How do you pack when you’re a naturalista? Do most black women that travel just relax their hair to avoid dealing with their natural curl pattern?

I asked all these questions and couldn’t really get the concrete answers I was looking for when searching on the internet. I was hoping to find an article, video, or something that would have helped prevent the breakage I experienced when coming back from Madrid and how I could maintain my hair for future travels – to little (or no) avail. So I thought I should create a blog to not only document my travel experiences and my natural hair journey, but to also show people that black women do, and can, travel with their natural hair – we can have it all!

I’ve had plenty of ups and downs in regard to my natural hair journey. From learning to love my natural curl pattern and letting go of relaxers, to finding the right products that my hair responds to, I feel as if I’ve come a long way from understanding how to maintain my hair so that it’s not only long – but HEALTHY. Since starting this natural hair journey, I’ve had friends and family ask me how I’ve been able to keep my hair healthy, style my naturally curly hair, handle my hair during my travels, etc. So I thought to create a blog that could help other naturalistas – and teach me things from other naturalistas along the way! I also wanted to document my journey to see my progress and learn from my own mistakes.

For any inquiries, concerns or feedback please feel free to fill out the form below or 📧curlyhairadventuresblog@gmail.com. You can also get in touch with me on social media!