Things to see/do

  • Bathsheba beach: the water on this side of the island is very rough so don’t expect to take a nice dip. This side of the island is popular for surfers because of the waves, but I would still suggest coming to lay out and tan because it is absolutely stunning!
  • Codrington College: an Anglican theological college. As soon as you pull up, you’ll be greeted with a driveway lined with palm trees. The landscape at Codrington College is absolutely serene and beautiful, which seems fitting for a theological college.
  • Cherry Tree Hill: literally a hill that offers a beautiful view of the northern and eastern parts of the island.
  • Bottom Bay Beach: probably the most beautiful beach in Barbados. Bottom Bay offers white sand and a quiet relaxing atmosphere.

what to EAT/DRINK

  • Roundhouse Restaurant & Bar: if you’re in the Bathsheba area then you have to eat here. I ordered a chicken sandwich with a side of breadfruit chips and salad that was phenomenal! Whether you decide to sit outside on the patio, or inside the restaurant, you get an incredible view of the ocean.

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