In-Flight Natural Hair Care

My recent trip to Thailand was full of firsts. First time visiting an Asian country, rocking my natural tresses overseas, and being on a long-haul flight. Eight flights to, from, and around Thailand – it was the first time I thought about my hair’s health.

Traveling on a plane can really take its toll on textured hair. Being 37,000+ feet in the air doesn’t necessarily agree with twist/braid out’s. The temperature, and lack of moisture, can cause frizzy and dry hair. By the time you’ve landed, your hairstyle is looking rough.

I wanted to share how I care for my natural hair before, and during, flights:

Before the Flight

(Day before, or day of, departure)

  • Follow Your Wash Day Routine:Β I try to wash my hair as close as possible to the departure day. This is to ensure my hair is at its cleanest before I leave. When following my wash day routine, I do an intense deep conditioning treatment so my hair is moisturized. Prior to leaving to Thailand, I deep conditioned my hair for 25 minutes using SheaMoisture’s Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Treatment Masque.
  • Style Your Hair: Whether it be flat-twists, box braids, a weave or straightened, make sure it keeps your hair protected during your flight – and throughout your trip. If you’re rocking your natural tresses, you should consider a protective style that tucks away your ends. I opted for flat-twists when going to Thailand. Mainly because I haven’t perfected cornrows yetΒ πŸ˜….
  • Transfer Your Favorite Products into TSA Approved Bottles:Β Even if I have full-sized products in my checked bag, I still carry TSA approved bottles. These can really come in handy in-flight, or while out exploring. I purchased my TSA approved case and bottles from Amazon.

Looking for more information on what to consider when planning to travel with natural hair? Check out this blog post.

During the Flight

  • Cover Your Hair: I easily fall asleep on planes.Β Or anything that moves for that matterΒ πŸ˜‚. So I use silk scarfs, or hats, when on the plane so I can sleep peacefully knowing my hair is protected throughout the flight.
  • Unravel & Fluff Your Hair: Depending on where you’re heading when you land, you may need to unravel your hair if it’s in flat twists, etc. If you’re heading straight to your accommodation and it’s 11pm, unraveling your hair is probably unnecessary until the next morning. But, if it’s 8am and you’re going to start exploring immediately upon landing, you’ll probably want to unravel and fluff your hair out.Β I pack my favorite oil to help unravel my hair once the plane starts descending, usually coconut oil. Or, you can always rock flat twists for a few days and unravel later down the line – saves time having to re-style. I did this during my Thailand trip.

How do you keep your hair moisturized and protected while flying?

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