If you watch my IG story, you’ll know I ordered the Myavana Hair Analysis a few weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to learn more about my hair, but with information backed by science. Myavana, created by Techturized Inc., analyzes, researches and recommends personalized hair care solutions. The Myavana team consists of computer scientists, chemical engineers, cosmetologists, content creators, business analysts, and hair enthusiasts. You can order a one-time hair analysis, or the monthly membership. The monthly membership includes personalized recommendations of products, regimens, ingredients and even local salons. I opted for the one-time analysis, which gives you a detailed understanding of your hair texture, type and condition.

How Does the Myavana Hair Analysis Work?

Myavana sends a kit with small bags for five sections of your hair (crown, bottom left/right, top left/right). With the comb provided, you can comb through your hair and collect samples from your shedding hair. I used a wide-tooth comb, the comb provided was too thin and would’ve been a pain to use. Put your samples in the prepaid envelope, fill out the card provided that asks for your email and name and send! You can see the kit in the cover photo.

How Long to Obtain Results?

It only takes about 10-15 business days. This can, however, be affected by demand at the lab. Make sure to also fill out your hair care questionnaire as Myavana can’t release your results until it’s completed. I didn’t fill out my questionnaire initially so it took some time to get my results.

How Do You Get Your Hair Analysis Results?

You’re given a hair ID via email once the results are ready. The ID includes numbers and letters that represent your unique hair texture, type, and condition. You can decode your ID and learn your hairs key characteristics. This includes your hairs texture, porosity, type, density, elasticity and overall condition.

My Myavana Hair Analysis Results

My hair ID is 2d1a1a, which translates to:

  • Medium Hair Texture: Hair texture represents the “feel” of hair. My texture is medium, so my strands are a blend of fine and coarse hair. My hair’s strands are average in diameter and coarser than fine hair. The texture of my hair feels like cotton and my moisture content is naturally higher than coarser textures.
  • Coily Hair Type: Hair type is the original curl pattern and/or shape of hair that’s genetically determined before birth. My hair type is common amongst African American, Hispanic and bi-racial cultures. Coily/curly hair types are very flat in shape and have two types “S” and “Z patterns.
  • Good Hair Health: The hair’s health and condition is determined by five characteristics. These include:
    1. Scalp: A healthy scalp is the foundation of healthy hair.
    2. Porosity
    3. Elasticity
    4. Density
    5. Length: Hair grows about 1/2 inches per month, you can estimate how old hair is by the length.
  • High Porosity: Porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. Since my hair is high porosity, it means my hair absorbs a lot of moisture but doesn’t retain it. My hair often looks/feels dry and dull. It also tangles easily, dries quickly and can be frizzy 😩.
  • Good Elasticity: Elasticity means the hair’s ability to stretch and return to its original position.
  • Thick Density: The hair’s density represents the number of hairs per square inch on the scalp. Mine happens to be thick.

I got all of this information from the detailed blog post Myavana provides, which helps you decode your ID.

What I’ve Learned From My Results

I was fairly aware of my hair type and density. It was also reassuring to see that my hair health and elasticity are both good. This means the regimen I’m on and the products I use are working!

The shock for me was the porosity of my hair being high. I’ve tried the “float test” and didn’t feel comfortable with my results (my hair floated, meaning low porosity). But, the characteristics of my hair that I was experiencing hinted towards my hair being high porosity and not low. This reaffirms what I’ve been speculating for some time. I can now confidently do research and choose products based on this science-backed information from Myavana! I may consider buying the membership later down the line, if needed. I’ll also take another hair analysis tests later in my hair journey to see if anything changes.

Have you taken the Myavana hair analysis? Let me know what you thought about your results! Or, let me know what you think about my results in the comments.

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