Senior year of college, I had the opportunity to go to Barbados through my university. Through fundraising, we raised enough money to go and I only had to pay $200Talk about a bargain.

Our itinerary was broken up by coast, so I wanted to share an itinerary for things we did along east coast of Barbados:

South Coast

Things to See/Do:

  • Oistins: This fishing town offers live music, fish fry’s and local vendors. Oistins on a Friday night is the best time to go as the atmosphere is lively.

  • Barbados Museum of Parliament & the National Heroes Gallery: This museum offers a self-guided tour and educates you on 10 heroes in Barbados. The two heroes that stood out to me were Sarah Gills and Bussa. Sarah is the only woman in the local heroes, which was interesting in itself; she was an important leader post-slavery. Information on Bussa’s life is unknown; we do know he started a rebellion in Barbados on Easter on a sugar plantation. It wasn’t successful, unfortunately, and Bussa died that day. However, it played a significant role in the future of Barbados.
  • Maxwell Beach: We stayed at Sunbay hotel, across the street from Maxwell beach. It’s a great place to relax because it isn’t crowded with tourists.

What to Eat/Drink:

  • Bubba’s Sports Bar: This restaurant offers good food with a sports atmosphere. There’s flat screen TV’s around the entire place playing different sports games.
  • Tiki Bar: Tiki Bar provides views of Rockley beach, so you can enjoy the breeze while you eat. Tiki bar has large portions of delicious food! The seafood plate I ordered was filled with shrimp, chips and salsa (which included catfish) and other seafood.

East Coast

Things to See/Do:

  • Bathsheba beach: The water on this side of the island is very rough so don’t expect to take a nice dip. This side of the island is popular for surfers because of the waves, but I would still suggest coming to lay out and tan because it is absolutely stunning!
  • Codrington College: An Anglican theological college. As soon as you pull up, you’ll be greeted with a driveway lined with palm trees. The landscape at Codrington College is absolutely serene and beautiful, which seems fitting for a theological college.
  • Cherry Tree Hill: A hill that offers beautiful views of the northern and eastern parts of the island.

  • Bottom Bay Beach: Probably the most beautiful beach in Barbados IMO. Bottom Bay offers white sand and a quiet relaxing atmosphere.

What to Eat/Drink:

  • Roundhouse Restaurant & Bar: If you’re in the Bathsheba area then you have to eat here. I ordered a chicken sandwich with a side of breadfruit chips and salad that was phenomenal! Whether you decide to sit outside on the patio, or inside the restaurant, you get an incredible view of the ocean.

North Coast:

Things to See/Do:

    • Animal Flower Cave: By far, my favorite place in Barbados. As soon as we stepped out of the van, we saw a bar and restaurant that provides you with a beautiful view of the waves crashing onto the rocks. Once we I took enough photos on top of the cliff, we proceeded into the cave. We walked down very steep stairs and found ourselves within the cave. The cave has openings that look out into the sea, as well as a couple of pools – some shallow and others you’re able to swim in. We had to be fairly careful when walking around since the rocks were very slippery.

West Coast

Things to See/Do:

  • Barbados Community College (BCC) & University of the West Indies: the only colleges in Barbados. I was amazed at how beautiful and colorful both campuses were. BCC, a predominately art school, is the only community college in Barbados and is filled with beautiful paintings. The University of the West Indies Barbados is 1 of 3 campuses; the others are located in Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.

    Quick Facts About BCC & The University of The West Indies

  • Tuition is free at both colleges, but most likely wouldn’t stay that way. Alumni tend to leave Barbados to start their lives and careers in other countries. This in turn hurts the Barbadian economy and the University of the West Indies budget for years to come.
  • The students in both colleges are incredibly involved in their campuses future.
  • There is a plantation house on BCC’s campus called the Eyrie plantation house. The plantation house used to be the Fine Arts department before they moved it. Before that it was the home of Sir William Conrad Reeves, the first black chief justice in Barbados (photo of the house below – top right).
  • Kensington Oval: a stadium primarily used for the sport cricket. Garfield Sobers, a famous cricket player, was at the stadium while we were getting a tour.

  • Gun Hill Signal Station: You can get a beautiful landscape view of the south-west side of Barbados at the Gun Hill Signal Station.
  • George Washington’s House: To me, the most interesting part of the George Washington house was upstairs where they have a exhibit around slavery in Barbados. In the exhibit, there’s a bar that you could pull to feel how heavy the chains were on the mannequin of the man, who’s standing next to a little boy (photos below). Imagine having to walk, work and live your life with an 11 pound bondage around you – daily.

What to Eat/Drink

  • Chefette: A fast food chain that offers large portioned meals for cheap. Another food chain, called BBQ Barn, also accompanies Chefette. The food is definitely amazing for the price you pay, you almost forget it’s a fast food restaurant.

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