Senior year of college, I decided to go to Barbados through my universities Journey Leadership Program which is a four-year experience designed to develop student’s leadership skills. The Journey Leadership Program is built on the cornerstones of: Involvement, Service, Career Exploration and Leadership. The leadership cornerstone gives students’ the opportunity to visit Barbados for six days through the Global Leadership Exchange (GLE) program. The GLE program engages student in discussions with other students in Barbados through visits to institutions of higher education. The GLE program also discusses the history and culture of Barbados. Through fundraising, he GLE program raises enough money to send students to Barbados. I only paid $200 to go on this trip, talk about a bargain!

These are some of the interesting things we did along the south coast:

what to see/do

  • Oistins: The fishing town in Barbados that offers: live music, fish fry’s and local vendors. Oistins on a Friday night is the best time to go as the atmosphere is lively.

  • Barbados Museum of Parliament and the National Heroes Gallery: Located in Bridgetown, this museum offers a self-guided tour. The National Heroes Gallery educates you on 10 local heroes. The two heroes that stood out to me were Sarah Gills and Bussa. Sarah Gills is the only woman in the local heroes, which was interesting in itself; she was an important leader post-slavery. Information on Bussa’s life cannot be found; we do know he started a rebellion in Barbados. On Easter the revolt happened on a sugar plantation and unfortunately wasn’t successful. The revolt wasn’t successful and Bussa died that day, but it played a significant role in the future of Barbados.
  • Maxwell Beach: We stayed at Sunbay hotel, which is across the street from Maxwell beach. This is a great place to relax as it isn’t crowded with tourists.

what to Eat/Drink

  • Bubba’s Sports Bar: This restaurant offers good food with a sports atmosphere. There are flat screen TV’s around the entire place playing different sports games.
  • Tiki Bar: Located on Rockley Beach, Tiki Bar provides views of the beach so you can enjoy the breeze while you eat. Tiki bar has large portions of delicious food! The seafood plate I ordered was filled with shrimp, chips and salsa (the salsa included catfish) and other seafood.

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