We arrived in Edinburgh early in the afternoon. All of my friends that came with me to Copenhagen and Berlin were studying at the University of Edinburgh, and had apartments around the area – so I stayed with one of them who lived off of Princes Street.

Edinburgh reminded me a lot of Boston and London, with the cobbled streets and old buildings. The town of Edinburgh is very small and I managed to see the biggest attractions in a day. I noticed that a lot of merchandise were Game of Thrones themed and/or involved sheep skin and unicorns – my friend explained that Scottish people love their sheep and unicorns. In fact, it’s their national animal… the unicorn, not the sheep. I did plan to go out with my friends for a few drinks that night but, exhausted from all of the traveling, I eventually fell asleep.

I do wish I spent another day in Edinburgh because I would’ve had more time to walk around and hang out with my friends, but I’ll go back soon!

where Did i go?

  • Princes Street: This shopping center provides clothing stores that are a staple in the U.K. (e.g. Topshop, River Island, H&M).
  • Royal Mile: Provides souvenir shops, restaurants, street performers, bars and more.

what did i eat?

  • Ting Thai Caravan: a cheap Thai restaurant, not far from the University of Edinburgh or the Royal Mile, that has the best soups and sweet potato fries I’ve ever had!


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