Product Review: Q-Redew Handheld Hair Steamer

I’ve been using my Q-Redew handheld hair steamer for over two years now. It was one of my biggest purchases for my hair when I was officially natural. This review is based on my two years using the appliance.

What is it the Q-Redew?

A hand-held hair steamer that helps detangle, hydrate, reshape and stretch naturally curly hair. The steamer adds moisture, boosts volume and allows you to restyle your hair between wash days without having to saturate your hair with water.

How Does it Work?

The Q-Redew pumps out warm steam, that mists the hair, through the prongs/comb. Simply fill the detachable reservoir with distilled water. Then plug in the steamer, wait for it to heat up and press the trigger to release steam.

How Do You Clean it?

I think this is the most important thing to note. When I first bought my steamer, I had no idea that I should be cleaning it. That was until the steam in my Q-Redew stopped. Which instantly made me think I broke it 😩. However, I didn’t realize that I should really be using distilled water in the reservoir. I was being lazy and just filling it with tap water in the nearest sink. So my steamer had mineral deposit buildup.

If you notice a reduction, or stop, in steam, Q-Redew suggests:

  • Diluting a teaspoon of white vinegar in the reservoir and running it through the unit.
  • Running a few reservoirs of distilled water afterwards to remove the vinegar and its scent.

If you still have issues with steam reduction:

  • Contact Q-Redew at When I emailed, I got a response in less than 30 minutes from the founder, Heidi Schmid. She shipped a tube and syringe to help flush out minerals and debris built up in the internal tubing of the Q-Redew. I followed the instructions provided in the package, which I am including below:

Also, make sure to routinely wipe down the prongs/comb on your Q-Redew steamer as products from your hair tends to buildup here.

How I use the Q-Redew:

  1. Weekly Treatments: If I’m not using my Hot n’ Gold bonnet dryer attachment, I’ll use my Q-Redew when doing pre-pooing, deep conditioning, protein, and even hot oil treatments. The steam moisturizes and hydrates the hair by temporarily lifting the hair cuticle to allow moisture to penetrate the hair shaft, so it’s great for weekly treatments.
    • Pre-pooing: I separate my hair in sections of 4+, apply my favorite oil (e.g. coconut, olive, etc.) then go through my hair in sections with the steamer.
    • Deep Conditioning/Protein: I separate my hair in sections of 4+, apply my favorite product, then steam each section for 5-10 minutes.
  2. Restyling: Sometimes I want to switch up my hairstyle mid-week. Or, I’m looking to bring life back into my day 3+ braid out. The Q-Redew is great to revive your hairstyle, or create a brand new one. Prior to the Q-Redew, I usually co-washed to re-moisturize and restyle my hair during the week. Now, I simply use the Q-Redew, then use the L.O.C/L.C.O method and style.
  3. Facial Steamer: This might not be an obvious one, but you can steam your face with the Q-Redew! The steam helps soften and moisturize the skin and is a great pampering tool #selfcare. I wash my face, then steam for about 5 minutes and finish by splashing cool water on my face. If you want a deeper steaming treatment, you can cover your head with a towel and use the steamer underneath.

My Review on the Q-Redew:

  • Adds moisture: Ya’ll know by day three or four, your curls often feel dry and in need of moisture, especially in the colder months. This steamer is a great way to bring moisture to your hair.
  • Great Restyler: The Q-Redew allows you to create a new style mid-week or refresh your current style, especially if you’re trying to avoid wash day.
  • Cuts Detangling Time in 1/2: This is the BIGGEST reason why I love this appliance! My hair gets incredibly tangled, especially throughout the week. This steamer literally cuts my detangling time in half and leaves my hair soft and moisturized afterwards.
  • Safe Way to Stretch Hair: The Q-Redew can help you achieve “blow-out” type of hairstyle minus the heat. With the Q-Redew, you don’t have to worry about using a blow dryer or shrinkage. The steam helps to elongate your hair without the use of harsh heat.
  • Also Great for Skin: This steamer isn’t just for hair, you can reap the moisturizing benefits for your skin as well.
  • Bulky Size: The Q-Redew isn’t necessarily heavy, but it isn’t a small hand-held steamer either. It’s fairly big and can take up space if you’re planning to travel with it. I’ve traveled with my steamer on several occasions, but always opt to pack it in a checked bag out of fear that TSA may give me a hard time if I brought it in a carry-on.
  • No International Capability: Unfortunately, this 120-voltage appliance can’t be used overseas as other countries have higher voltages. Also, Q-Redew notes on their website that you should not use adapters or converters as it could damage the appliance.

Overall, I love the Q-Redew hand-held steamer and give it a 8/10. I’ve had it for over two years and it has become an integral part of my hair routine. If you have the 💰, I would splurge on a steamer as it’ll cut your hair routine in half.

Do you have a Q-Redew handheld steamer? How do you use your steamer?

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