I’ve been to Berlin before but for a high school trip. I wanted another chance in Berlin to fully experience and enjoy Berlin’s: history, nightlife, cuisine, culture, art and more! These are the things we did in Berlin in four days:

What to see/do

  • East Side Gallery: We went to the East Side Gallery and found ourselves drinking beers in a large sandbox where locals were playing dodgeball – or what looked like dodgeball, we never learned the rules of the game but enjoyed people-watching. Once we finished our beers, we followed the East Side Gallery path to look at all of the graffiti on both sides of the wall.
  • Pariser Platz: Great park to sit and people-watch or check out the Brandenburg Gate.
  • Alexanderplatz: An open area that includes the Alexa shopping center and the TV Tower, which towers over the center. After shopping, we went into the center and sat in an area that provides live music, food and drinks.
  • SANDEMANs NEW Europe: This free tour starts at Brandenburg gate and gives detailed history of the city of Berlin. Our tour guide was amazing; she did everything she could to ensure we were engaged, which was hard to do in a 2.5-3 hour tour. The guide informed us that SANDEMANs NEW Europe offered a tour to the Sachsenhausen Memorial at a discounted price, if we paid for it during the current tour. We went ahead and paid for our tickets – which were valid any day that week. The ticket cost €14 for students and €16 for adults; since we got a discount, we only paid €20 for the 4 of us. During this tour you visit:
    1. Brandenburg Gate
    2. Hitler’s bunker – Where Hitler allegedly hid and committed suicide towards the end of WWII.
    3. Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
    4. Checkpoint Charlie – The crossing point where the Berlin wall splits East Berlin from West Berlin.

and more…

  • Alternative Bar Crawl: Only €10 for us to join this pub crawl. This guaranteed entrance to 4 bars, the club at the end of the night and 6 free shots. The bars I remembered and/or loved during this crawl included:
    1. Dr. Pong: The second bar we went to which had a young atmosphere. There’s a large ping-pong table where everyone could join in a game of “around the world pong”. The rules of the game were simple; walk around the table and when the ball comes to you, hit it or else you’re out. The game lasts until there’s one winner. I found a woman in this bar who I called “unicorn lady”. She was dressed in bright colors, a tutu and had glitter on her face. Unicorn lady provided glitter to anyone who asked. And when I asked, she proceeded to pull out glitter and exclaimed “I love this glitter on your skin, it’s so beautiful!”
    2. DRUIDE Absinthe Bar: This bar sold absinthe (I’m sure the name gave it away). My friends and I didn’t buy a drink; instead we talked to our bar pub guide who had been doing the bar tour for two years. She said she loved being a guide and only had one bad incident. A crawler was becoming rude to others and when she interfered, he punched her. Everyone was in shock, especially since she’s roughly 5’1 and weighed no more than 110 lbs. Everyone helped her in kicking him off of the crawl.
    3. Cassiopeia: Cassiopeia is a hip-hop and reggae club; from the outside it looks like an old warehouse with graffiti all over. At night, the outside of the club is lit up by a stream of lights hanging above. The club has an open layout with two separate rooms – one for hip-hop and the other for reggae.

What to eat/drink

  • Burgermeister: Burgermeister sells the best burger and fries (the name probably gave it away) I’ve ever had. One of my friends is vegan and she was also pleasantly satisfied with her tofu burger topped with mango sauce. I would HIGHLY recommend Burgermeister if you’re in Germany; I’ve never ate a burger, and fries, so quickly in my life.
  • Balzac Coffee: The first time I came to Berlin, my teacher recommended Balzac to me. Ever since then I’ve been obsessed with their brews (I rarely drink coffee).
  • Que Pasa: A Mexican restaurant that was three doors down from our hostel. Que Pasa had a great “half off drinks” deal, which clearly lured us in. We sat outside, since it was so warm, and enjoyed drinks and food while listening to music and people-watching. The staff was great, when they found out we were visiting Berlin they offered us a free shot of tequila!
  • Adalbertstraße: This street in Kruezburg offers so many delicious restaurant such as:
    1. Wonder Waffel: A restaurant that serves coffee and sweets such as shakes and their delicious waffles/crepes. These waffles are stuffed with fruits – and topped with things like ice cream and chocolate syrup.
    2. Schnitzel Joint: A small restaurant that made the best schnitzel I’ve ever had; I had no idea what schnitzel was prior to this. The waitress was nice and friendly and said that if we didn’t like the food we’d get a full refund. We reassured her that wasn’t necessary since the food was amazing!

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