Melanated Travel Diary Launch Party Recap

Earlier this month, I had the honor of speaking on a panel at the Melanated Travel Diary (MTD) Launch Party. When the MTD team reached out to me to join the panel, I was ecstatic to share my insight with their audience. Below, I’m sharing a recap on the event.

What is Melanated Travel Diary (MTD)?

A New-York based travel movement, MTD aims to normalize, encourage, and stress the importance of black travel through visual and educational representation.

Educational representation:

  • Highlighting current events covering an array of topics including: politics, law, climate and newsworthy scandal.
  • Sharing the history or meaning behind different places, landmarks, traditions, or cultures.
  • Travel hacks from savvy packing tips, to ideal destination suggestions.

Visual representation:

This is based on photos/stories shared daily on MTD’s social media of minorities traveling, and making a difference in their respective communities; POC from different backgrounds can share their most liberating, inspiring and efficient ways of traveling.

Melanated Travel Diary Launch Party Recap

MTD’s Launch Party was held at the Commons Cafe in Brooklyn, NY, and included:

  • Opening remarks
    • MTD discussed their mission and MTD Youth – a non-profit sector that’ll expose minority teens to the world through education and travel.
  • Food
    • Appetizers and dessert (e.g. Chicken & Waffles, Macaroni & Cheese, cake pops, cookies, etc.) was provided for everyone to enjoy.
  • Raffle Prizes
    • Attendees had the chance to win one of three baskets, all themed differently. For example, one basket was travel-themed, while another was natural hair-themed.
  • Panel Discussion
    • I, alongside four other travelers, discussed a range of topics including: hostels/Airbnb’s/hotels and group vs. solo travel. After answering questions from the host, the audience was able to ask us questions about our travel experiences.

All in all, the launch party was good! The venue provided a great, intimate, setting, making it easy to network and meet others. MTD decked out the entire event in cute travel-themed props! For instance, they had globe-shaped cake pops, tiny suitcases filled with mints and a passport that explained MTD and provided information on the panel.

I enjoyed meeting other like-minded POC who enjoy traveling, or are interested in traveling. Also, looking forward to seeing what MTD has in store in the future! Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Instagram. And, shout-out to MTD for giving us panelists a travel-themed gift bag after the event! They packed some good stuff in those gift bags that’ll definitely come in handy for my next trip 😉.


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